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o2Store 2005 - The system that manages your business. This system registers and analyses information regarding sales, purchases , inventory, cash transactions and other detailed informations regarding client and supplier situations. This system works as a standalone or in a network. Below are shown in detail some of the functionalities of the system:


v      Inventory management in different points of service Tracing of the average price is included here. 


v      The movement of different items from one point of service to another.


v      Sales and purchases management Here is included the sales-purchases of simple items which are on stock in the inventory and the sales-purchases of service items which are not. 


v      The Cash management    All the cash transaction are managed like : bills, payment of bills, sales and purchases.


v      Obligation tracing:

       Unpayed bills of the company to the suppliers.

       Unpayed bills of different clients to the company.

       Client's credit tracing.

       Tracing of the company credit to suppliers.


v      Management of sales prices Sales prices are in dependence of the sales type. Different prices can be defined for the different sale types which can be created by the user itself.


v      Management of   purchase's prices  Purchase prices can be set according to:

       Item Different prices can be set for the same item ofered by different suppliers.

       Supplier In this case the supplier is choosen and the prices of the items that he offers are registered.


v      Balance tracing Balance includes:

       Company Incomes  Cash stock, inventory stock, client obligation, company credit to suppliers.

       Company Outcomes  Obligation of the company to suppliers.Client credit to company.

All the data are dependent within the date range given from the user.


v      Raporting A wide area of report genereting is offered and the reports are classified as the following:


       Inventory General Ledger, Analytical Ledger of Inventory, Inventory Stock, Item Stock,  Item Chart. 

       Purchase  General Ledger of Purchases, Analytical Ledger of Purchases, Payment of Purchases.

       Sales Payment of Purchasese, General Ledger of Sales, Analytical Ledger of Sales, Sales payments, Marge of Sales.

       Cash Cash and Payments

       Client - Clients' Situation, Clients' Payments

       Supplier -  Suppliers' Situation, Suppliers' Payments

       List  List of Items, List of Documents, List of Clients, List of Suppliers, List of Item Groups, List of Item Units 

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